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Sheepskins- Genuine sheepskins. Options: Medical, Standard, Second or Third Grade



100% Merino Sheepskin

Medical skins  have higher density of wool fibres and can withstand frequent washing, and is Hypoallergenic provide soft but supportive cushioning to prevent pressure, high moisture absorbent that help keep patient comfortable.  These Medical sheepskins can also be used  for baby under blankets or mats.

Standard  &  Second Grade have less density of wool fibres and are mostly used for rugs, fashion accessories, Décor and baby under blankets or mats.
Sizes – 70×90 but keep in mind it is a Natural Product from an animal and sizes may differ slightly as the animal may differ in size.

Colour – Natural

Size – 70 x 90 (depending on the size of the animal)

WashingCleaning the skin: Cold water, use mild detergent like Sunlight Liquid, let dry in cool shaded area – KEEP OUT OF SUN, Do NOT rub, rush or massage your skin. In case of machine use – set machine on delicate wool cycle


Sheepskins – Medical  Sheepskin

  • Helps prevent, cure and relieve bedsores and pressure ulcers
  • Ideal for babie care,to use on wheelchairs, bedridden patients,
  • Skins are treated to absorb more moist and keep you comfortable
  • Comforts patients with spinal injuries
  • Can be washed in luke warm water with soft soap and it must be dried in the shade
  • Keeps the body dry and comfortable in summer and warm in winter
  • Size depends on size of the animal-more or less 90 x 70cm
  • It is a natural fiber that allows airflow so that the skin can breath and keeps it odour free.
  • Other suggested products: Heel protectors and elbow protectors.
  • Standard  Sheepskin

  • Natural fiber
  • The skin is not treated with a special agent like medical skins
  • Ideal for kids/babies to play on
  • Decor
  • Absorbs moist and will be comfortable to use on couches/chairs
  • Car seat covers or chair covers
  • Can be washed in luke warm water and dry in the shade
  • Second Grade  Sheepskin

  • Natural fiber
  • Can have scars and  stains  on and skin visible on the sides.
  • Ideal for kids to play on
  • Pet beds
  • Washable
  • Sheepskin Blankets / Bedcover

  • Made of standard or medical sheepskins.
  • Ideal for a person affected by paralysis of  limbs.
  • Only made on orders
  • All Products Made in South-Africa

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