Suppliers & Manufacturers of Mohair & Wool Products: Decor, Bedding, Clothing, Socks & Accessories.

Welcome to Annette Oelofse Mohair Products, manufacturers of Mohair blankets and general trader of Mohair products. Products include mohair blankets, socks and many knitted items such as scarves, beanies, jerseys, ponchos, gloves and mohair duvets. Annette Oelofse Mohair Products offers excellent services to its clients and can deliver its products worldwide.

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Vision & Mission

At Annette Oelofse Mohair Products and Natural Fibre collections we believe in Honesty, Reliability and satisfaction. We treat each client personally as it is important to us to meet each client’s specific needs and satisfaction.

We work hard to always walk the extra mile for our clients, because without their loyal support Annette Oelofse Mohair Products would not have come this far.

Product knowledge is one of most important factors to assure that we provide our clients with best possible service. We believe to provide all our employees with as much knowledge possible to empower them to supply an excellent service and enable to walk the extra mile.

We strive to proudly support our South African farmers, and sell products made up of fibres supplied by them. All our products are local luxury products that are made up of character, quality and style.